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About Us

We are a group of organisations in York who give people access to services most of us now take for-granted. We provide laptops, desktops and tablet computers for those most in need. We take donations of IT equipment from the general public and companies and make them useable for the general public. Free of charge.

More About Us

In July 2020 the IT ReUse scheme was formed to tackle Digital Inequality in the City. City of York Council, The Community Furniture Store and Changing Lives formed a partnership to provide access to free computers and tablets to those most in need. 

In the City of York, 9% of people do not have access to the internet – that equates to approximately 15,000.  That means that they cannot access education resources, online banking, benefits or take part in social activities. Many things that most people take for granted.  The Covid-19 pandemic made this problem a lot more serious.  

Our goal was to help eliminate digital exclusion – not just during the pandemic – but for good.  

In October 2020 The Community Furniture Store and Changing Lives received grant funding from The Two Ridings Community Foundations to provide access to refurbished IT Equipment donated from business and the general public.   

Anna was thrilled with the laptop – especially the fact that it had a case! She said it will make a huge difference to her and her kids”

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